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Line6 DL4 switches starting to freak out: Any easy fixes?


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  • Line6 DL4 switches starting to freak out: Any easy fixes?

    I heard another forum mention that you can try DeOxit on the switch contacts - true? I'm not terribly handy or confident that I can replace the switches myself, and I'm ultimately hoping I don't have to spend another $100 in mods/replacement switches or even buy a new unit. Any suggestions?


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    Dump it, and get a new one... or ask DRASP to do the mod for you

    The switches are not real switches, they push down on a contact on a PCB. You might check to se if the piece that pushes on the contact is lined up with the contact




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      Well, it's not that the switches have stopped working, it's actually a different problem. Basically, I only use the DL4 in looper mode, and, when I hit, for instance, the first switch to record, sometimes it will randomly engage another switch, such as the "play once" button, or even trigger the "octave/reverse" switch. It happened spontaneously yesterday and earlier today, but, when I just played for the past hour or so, it was relatively fine. So, I don't know what's going on. . .maybe I'll spend some more time with it and hope that the problem dies down. . .