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Fulltone '69 with a Vox AC-15


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  • Fulltone '69 with a Vox AC-15

    I love how my fulltone '69 sounds with a fender amp - really amazing, nails the Hendrix sound, creamy and perfect.


    But with the Vox it seems to sound...trashy, abrasive, not creamy goodness.

    I don't know what's going on here, because I've heard great things about FuzzFace(like) pedals with vox amps. I found that if I turn the tone cut all the way up and the treble all the way down, and use the normal channel, it sounds alright, I can cut out most of the abrasive treble noise. Is this common?

    It sounds really bad, like there is this fizzling, nasty distortion on top of everything, really not pleasing to the ear.


    Anyone have similar experiences?


    This is mostly with p90 and humbucking pickups.

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    In my opinion and experience, 69 sounds like assballs with humbuggies.  Less so with p90s.


    69 with single coils, or assballs.


    "YMMV" - Phil O'Keefe



    • roundtree
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      Actually I completely agree with that. I prefer the sound with p90s. I agree it sounds best with the strat.


      I played around with it some more over the past couple hours. I found that by really tweaking the tone controls more than I ever do, I got closer to the sound I want. But still not as good as through a twin or even blues jr.


      I had to go through the normal channel (i usually use top boost), turn the tone cut all the way up (no treble), turn the master volume all the way up and the volume down as low as I could, and also roll back the tone on the guitar a little as well. As for the 69, I had to tweak it a little as well, to mellow out the top end. It doesn't really have a tone control, exactly...I backed off the input and contour a bit. 


      With the fender I just plug it in and it sounds great. But I guess I do use the vox for more of that jangly top end sound. I think the Vox is just too bright, and too high gain for the 69. I love the way it sounds when I plug straight into it, it has this great shimmering top end that sounds really cool. The 69 drives that shimmering top end into a rattling fizzling buzz that sounds like something is broken. But I was pretty satisfied with the sound after my tweaking. I guess if I want to use this combo im going to have to get used to playing with the knobs on my amp more. I've always been more of a leave-it-in-one-place kind of guy, but then again I never had a fuzz pedal either.


      This is leading me more to the conclusion that I need an a/b/y box, and to run both amps at the same time; the vox for its cleanish jangly thing and top heavy distortion, the fender for the 69 and the reverb.

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    the thing with fuzz faces on ac30/15 is it always sounds good in a band setting rather than playing alone. have you tried to jam with it?



    • roundtree
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      Actually I haven't; I've only jammed with the 69 into a twin. Which sounds amazing.

      About the humbuckers sounding bad though the 69 - while I agree, they were fine through the twin, not ideal, but not the fizzling nastiness out of the ac15


      But yeah that makes sense. In a band setting that top crazy fuzz would probably cut through like a razor blade.