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Nux Effects, anyone?


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  • Nux Effects, anyone?

    Saw these "Force Series" pedals, and was particularly intrigued by the Mod Force:

    Nux Efx Mod Force

    The ability to run two mod effects in series or parallel sounds really cool. It's actually my main gripe for not upping my mod game. I know I'd want a couple different ones (vibrato/trem/phaser) but it'd be pricey and kind of pointless to buy a bunch of individual pedals when I might not be using them as often as I should. On the other hand, multi-mod pedals aren't my thing because, what happens when I want to use more than one effect at a time? I don't really know too much about this company, though, but the specs look promising. Anyone ever use one of their pedals?
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    When I Play Pedal Company: ElectroAudioDestructors.com


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      I have used nux pg-2.It has three bass preamp: CLEAN, BLUES and ROCK.And the CHORUS, FLANGER and TREMOLO are also contained.


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        I ended up buying the Time force and the Mod force so far they've been awesome. I was about to buy a Nova delay but haven't felt the need to yet.