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Question: how/where to run a jamman through a rack unit?


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  • Question: how/where to run a jamman through a rack unit?

    Hi all, I currently have a Rocktron Piranha running into a Marshall 9100. I've moved to a new state and have  no one to jam with anymore I'd like have be able to lay down my own loops to play over, but I am not even sure if it's possible to easily do it with my rack. I've heard mixed opinions. Ideally it would come after the Pirhana and before the 9100 right? Then the question is: How do I go from line level (Piranha), back to insturment level (JamMan), back to into line level (9100)? Obviously, I'm not worried about compensating/losing my tone here. I just want this for practice in my basement. Any input would be very much appreciated!

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    You're right about where to place it in the signal chain.

    Can the Jamman not take line level signals? If not, why not consider a different looper which can?
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      you are cool - no joke, because you play the holy Rocktron Piranha - i really miss this unit!!!


      back to topic: Jamman works great with line levels. i use the jamman with a rec-mixer... my speaker out is pluged into the rec mixer yada yada...

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        I have the original Jamman and noticed that it clips with fairly low input signals.  Without going back and testing again I would say... IIRC it cannot handle line levels.  Perhaps some combination of attenuating the input and boosting the output.  Would really have to reexamine it and see if there are caveats.