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Series and Parallel Effects Loop?


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  • Series and Parallel Effects Loop?

    I got a new amp recently (Fuchs ODS 30 combo) and it has the option of series or parallel effects loops. I have never used an effects loop before so I would appreciate if someone would explain the differences, and when I would use one over the other please.


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    parallel series

    Series: Input signal first goes through distortion and then delay, so the output will have a delayed distorted signal

    Parallel: Input signal is split into 2 paths -1 path through distortion, 1 path through delay - so the output signal mixes the 2 signals to produce a non-delayed distorted signal, and a clean delayed signal.

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      uh, respectfully

      when the discussion turns to amps' effects loops, the series parallel thing is more like:

      pre-amp > (FX SEND) > (Your FX) > (FX Return) > OUTPUT section
      ie: the connection between the preamp and the output section is interrupted  by the FX Send/Return,
      and all signal goes thru to the effects. The amp's "dry" signal is not necessarily maintained.



      pre-amp > SIGNAL IS SPLIT into 2 paths:
      1: goes straight to the output section
      2: FX Send to the pedals, the FX Return merges back to the output section.
      ie: the "dry", un-modified signal of an amp is present, and most Parallel FX loops have some form of "Blend" control that allows the user to set the two path's levels relative to each other.