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Please help me with a multi-effect pedalboard choice!

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  • Please help me with a multi-effect pedalboard choice!

    Hi guys. I wanted to make a really great, compact rig for gigging small shows. Right now I have a Traynor Ironhorse (40 watt, clean tube amp) that I run a Blackstar HT-Dual in front of. Problem is, the dual sounds OK but lacks a midrange growl and aggressiveness that I'm looking for (kinda like when you crank the RESONANCE knob on a tube amp). Plus, I'd like to play with some minor effects, so I thought I'd get a mutlieffects unit.


    I was looking into the Vox Tonelab series, mainly because it has a tube in it (does it still make a difference, or has the tech reached the point where it doesn't even matter?) and because it has a Soldano SLO model in there (which is one of my favorite amps). But I've read some reviews where Vox stuff falls short when it comes to heavy rock/metal. I thought maybe the newer Zoom G3 pedal might do the trick, but I used to own a 7.1ut and it was way too complicated to configure so I'm afraid of their products now.

    Another option is the Line 6, but their HD line seems a bit excessive for my needs. Plus, they're a bit pricey. I'd rather spend somewhere around $250 for one. In fact, the smaller, the better.

    Anyone have any good experiences with BOSS stuff? Or Digitech? Please keep in mind I play in a heavy metal band (not Death Metal or "Extreme" metal or anything) with another guitarist plugged into a JCM800. I just don't want my tone to get buried. 



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    Just get an OCD or clone. Will not be dissapointed
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      I think you may be right. Instead of a multieffects unit, maybe its just to get a really great distortion pedal. What do you guys think of the BOSS Powerstack pedal? I like that "brown sound", spongy tone.

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    I would advise against it. I wouldn't necessarily describe the power stack as "brown sound" either. Amp in a box pedals get old after so long, as they have no versatility and they're usually hit or miss depending on the amp. I have only heard good reviews about that pedal though. Why not start out with something more affordable and see how you like it.
    Try joyo pedals. They have tons of Dist options for ~40.
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