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    hi , i have a digitech 2120 , a starfield all valve preamp , and a poweramp in my rack so far . I'm on the verge of buying a behringer fcb1010 midi floorboard , which i hope will with the help of the midi relays (1/4 jacks) on the back , be able to switch a patch on the digitech , while at the same time switch th channel on the starfield pre-amp.??
    also i was just wondering whether i would still be able to use RPEDIT to programme the digitech , as i don't like using the front panel.

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    Sure, I think would will be OK with RPedit. I find it OK, but personally i prefer the panel.

    Anyway, if you choose not to go with the FCB1010, I will soon be selling my Johnson J12


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      how much ? is it in good nick , how would we go about it ? do you have a digitech 2120 , what do you think of the noise gate if you have , it either kills my notes off , or screams its arse off !!
      i've got the starfield linked to it , maybe its pushing thr digitech too much , it's doin me head in slowly but surely


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        My J12 is well used but in full working order. (Not thought about price yet, I was just gonna ebay it, never thought about private sale...)

        Anyway, yes I used it with a 2120 (V2.11).
        You are right on the noise gate issue. It either cuts you off, or is too noisy if you back off the threshhold. After literally years of major tweaking, i learned to ride the thresholds of each patch, there is no sweet sweet spot, so in the end its a compromise, as you do lose lots of sustain. I still love the 2120 for its versatility.