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Blackstar HT-5 = best 5W amp I have ever used

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  • Blackstar HT-5 = best 5W amp I have ever used

    Using a Telecaster with lil 59 bridge and SSL-1 neck; Les Paul with Pearly Gates and JP wiring:
    -with the Tele the clean channel has a gorgeous tone up to 2 o'clock and the gradually takes on a rich overdrive that smoothly grows to a growl dimed. The overdrive channel can be controlled with surprising accuracy beginning at gain access at 1 the sound in almost clean with just a hint of overdrive. Gradually increasing the overdrive it is refreshing to find a very linear increase that allows you to dial in a mild overdrive as bluesy as a Fender Deluxe and wind the gain up into a ripping Led Zep sound that remains articulate even at this frenzied mode.
    -with the Les Paul the higher output pickups start overdriving the clean channel at about 12 o'clock and as sweet as the Tele overdrive is the Les Paul produces a richer tone but even dimed the overdriven clean channel does not breakdown and give you mush like many amps do. The LP on the overdrive channel is a barnstorming ride from 2 through 10 driving harder and louder on a linear path to paint peeling tone that again remains articulate.
    I have always been devoted to my Champ 5F1 for 5W playing and over the years have used many amps in this Watt range remaining faithful to the Champ. The HT-5 has changed that, it just provides such easy access to such a broad range of clean to distortion sounds I am leaning towards making it my go to amp.

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    I love that's a short clip I made for a friend years ago
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