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Clean sound of a Princeton on the Mesa Express?


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  • Clean sound of a Princeton on the Mesa Express?


    I plan to buy a Mesa Express 25 plus and wondered if I could have a clean sound with it similar to the Princeton? What do you think?


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    I don't have much experience with the Express 25 but I do have a Mesa Boogie Subway Blues and a Silverface Princeton Reverb. The biggest differences I notice between the amps is the amount of midrange and the fact that the Boogie breaks up a lot sooner than the Princeton. The Boogie is also a lot noisier (it has solid state components in the signal path) and, as a result, is not a good recording amp.

    The Subway Blues only has one channel and does not have a Master Volume. From what I know of the Express 25, it effectively has four different channels, one of which is voiced for "clean" so I would suspect that by keeping the gain down on that channel while reducing the amount of midrange will get you in the ballpark. If you had a chance to A/B them and do some tweaking then I think you will be able to get close.
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