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  • Crate Palomino 5watter

    If anybody here owns one can you answer a few questions for me. How much clean head room does it have? And got any clips, clean and dirty?

    Thanks. I'm just looking for a small tube amp to play at home and it's either gonna be the Palomino 5 watt or the Fender Pro Jr. If anybody has compared the two I'd like to hear what you thought about them in a shootout.

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      My guitar is made out of real wood!


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        get the 16 watt version...or a Blues Junior....Just my 2 cents.
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          I've had one about 2 months now. There pretty tough to find at GC though they usually have the V16 15watter.

          I love this creamy little box, sounds great clean but imo it does it's best work crunched up with humbuckers. Don't misunderstand, I love the cleans I just don"t spend a lot of time there. I've got a Kramer semi-hollow on the way right now and I can"t wait to hook that up to the V8.

          Pedals sound great in front of this thing also. One warning though, these tubes get awfully loud for home. Something to consider when you look around your practice area. I have a hard time getting the volume up with my family around.

          Sorry dude no clips, I'm still finding my way with this thing,

          Good luck, I think you'll dig it if you like to rock.
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            Thanks. Do you foresee any problems with the Tubes being plugged into the circuit board -- heat melting the plastic and such?

            Yeah, I play at conversation levels so the clean needs to stay clean at that volume, and I use a TS808.


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              The 5w doesn't have reverb, does it?
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                I've played the 15 and 30 watt versions, and I'd pick them over a Pro Jr. or a Blues Jr. any day - by a mile.

                I really want to try the v8 out, but like it has been said before, they are rare at GC.
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                  Guys I sold my VC 508 on Ebay and it's really no different than the Palomino except for the major facelift in the cosmetics and appearance department. It's a decent little amp but I'm going to look into a much larger lower powered vintage amp, mainly an Ampeg Gemini, my Fender Champ/Blues Junior days are way past me too; kinda limited in the tone department once you get used to an amp with a larger preamp signal chain. Might get a Palomino V30 head with the tone tubby cab; that's really a sweet deal at about 5 bills.