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New basement amp buzz...Help!


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  • New basement amp buzz...Help!

    I just moved to a new townhome and every outlet in this place sucks!
    Im getting this "fast clicking sounding" buzz from all my guitars without any effects. I only have one Amp but I know thats not it because I took it to the Music shop and it worked fine ( with my cables and my guitar ) I bought a outlet tester to see if it was grounded right and they are. And its not a proximity thing because I set it up all over the house and its still doing this. I also tried a 3 foot cord , no help. It does not buzz when the guitar is unplugged.

    Do I have to Move?!

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    Should I try a different Forum?


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      Originally posted by killerclown
      Should I try a different Forum?

      In all fairness, you waited a whopping 14 minutes to post a second reply. Sometimes it takes some time. Especially considering there's more musicians here than electricians.
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        Yea, I know Im ancy......This is just driving me nuts


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          That's understandable
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          PMing me about who is in my avatar is creepy, so don't. Don't ask tommythelurker either because he'll PM the mods.


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            Can you describe the buzz?

            I'll tell you, In 2001, I moved into a new house. I had great plans....a project studio in the basement, recording songs every weekend, taking over the world!!

            Then I plugged in my guitar for the first time, and I my heart sank. I had a very nasty buzz coming out of the guitar when you dialed in anything higher than low gain. The best way to describe this buzz, is a ground loop sounds the same.

            I had the power utility come in with meters, testing for RFI, EMF, you name it...They couldn't find a thing.

            I then went out and got a smokey of those battery amps? And sure enough, same problem!

            That convinced me that the problem was airborne. So I took out a guitar pickup, and hardwired the guitar pickup to a guitar cable...and had a portable guitar/smokey amp buzzometer.

            Everywhere I went in the house, it was present. I waked around the was there....but it died down as a got away from my house, by a radius of probably 5 houses.

            I also noticed that even though the problem was pretty much present throughout the house, it was marginally directional. I could, if manipulating the orientation of the pickup, find a spot where it was almost quiet.

   2003, the big blackout happened (I'm in NY). During the blackout, I tried the buzzometer. Sure enough, dead quiet!!!

            I was convinced the power utility was to blame, and they were selling me dirty power....according to them, the power was was coming in at 120 volts, etc..nothing wrong.

            But I was convinced otherwise.

            They sent out a crew, who was largely very unhelpful, but they did accept the theory something was travelling on the lines and radiating off of the power lines...creating a very omnipresent noise field (considering that your house has power lines going in all directions). I proved it to them, by taking my buzzometer and putting the thing right next to the incoming power lines (but above my main breaker) and getting very loud noise. I then, with them standing next to me, switched off my main breaker....and put the buzzometer next to the main line coming in to the house...sure enough, the buzz didn't go away...Proving that the buzz is coming in from the outside.

            They fronted the theory that maybe a customer on the same power transformer circuit had a noisy computer power supply, electric oven, washing machine, wife's vibrator, etc...basically something that was always plugged in, even if it wasn't turned on...that was generating this noise and poluting the that point, they claimed it was no longer their responsibility or fault....

            and they refused to take any more of my calls....subsequently ****************ing my like no one has ****************ed me ever before.

            At this stage, it's been a good year or two since I've had someone here looking at the problem...and I'm no better off.

            I've learned to deal with the problem by orienting my guitar in a certain way, if I am recording high or mid gain parts....But it's not the way I wanted this to go down.

            I would try some of the suggestions I have listed here, assuming your noise is similar to mine. I would be glad to interface with you via email or phone if you need further advice, as I've been fighting this problem for the better part of 4 years. PM me if you're interested.

            If it does turn out to be the same problem, and it's poluted power on your transformer circuit, I wish you good luck...because the power utility will gladly tell you you're SOL if it comes to that. None of them want to walk into someone's house and say "you have to stop using your microwave oven, it's poluting the neighborhood". The history of power utilities and the monopolies they have has long governed just how willing they are to telling customers what to do with the power, unless its breaking the law.

            Regardless, good luck...and let us know how you make out.



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              Sounds like the same thing Im going through, I havent walked around the neighborhood yet but it might come down to it. Everything worked great until I moved here and then .....heartbreak and frustration sets in. Im going to record the buzz and post it....see what people say.
              Thanks for your info, I might take you up on that offer to talk about it more in depth.


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                I just thought of running my guitar through my Pod Live into my studio monitors.

                No Buzz. Even with the noise gate off

                Does this mean its not airbourne?