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WOT: Tell me about video splitters.

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  • WOT: Tell me about video splitters.

    Now for something completely different.

    So if I'm looking for a splitter to send my HDMI signal to 2 devices, am I looking at a similar situation as using an ABY for guitar? Will the signal be degraded unless it is somehow buffered or otherwise managed in the splitter box? Somebody help me out with this plz.
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    I use this: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Neet%C2%AE-SPLITTER-Amplifier-Display-Shipping/dp/B001D9P1OW works great!

    I bought it to work around the fact that my HDMI receiver does not support a 3D video signal. When I want to watch something 3D, I use this box to bypass the receiver and go straight into another input on the TV (I use Optical audio in this configuration).

    Key point is that NO, there is no signal degradation. HDMI is a digital signal, and so it will basically either work, or it won't. It won't degrade gradually like an analogue signal,

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