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Awesome partial cover of "Where is My Mind?"


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  • Awesome partial cover of "Where is My Mind?"

    It's only partial because it was done for a TV show, and aired during one of the episodes. Far as I can tell, she actually sang the song, played the chords, etc. Played at the end of the episode, and I think it sounds great. Also, would.

    Originally Posted by jnurp

    murdoch always brings teh lulz.

    Originally Posted by RockStarBassist

    Also MurdochV wins thread.

    Originally Posted by sleewell

    Murdoch'd = when you think you have something funny to say only to hit post and that son of a bitch said it 10x funnier.

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    Was that on Warehouse 13? If so, which episode? My wife watches that show and I have enjoyed a few epps with her.

    Also, Major League Wood/Would. She's like the Italian version of Allison Hannigan.
    Originally Posted by KCTigerChief

    Rock hardness called that one

    Originally Posted by guitarbilly74

    But then again, it's the internet and everyone is a hunk with a 12" cock, great job, fast car, hot gf and loads money in the bank and Mila Kunis has pointy knees.


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      Definitely would.
      The North remembers...


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        want. to touch her butt.

        do not want. to listen to again.
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