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Any 6L6/101a Bogner Ecstasy experience up in this piece?

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  • Any 6L6/101a Bogner Ecstasy experience up in this piece?

    After playing on KCTigerChief's 101b, it got me thinking about the 101a - the 6L6 version. Not a lot to find on the net, as an overwhelming majority play the EL34 version. Biggest thing I noticed about the 101b is the "sag" in the playing, and a very loose and smooth sound. It's different, but not necessarily a bad thing. I'm wondering how different the 6l6 version (101a) would sound. As I've said in my other thread I'm very used to 6l6 amps and have been accustomed to a fairly tight and percussive bottom end, and am curious if the 101a would deliver that. Plus there's always the option to use KT66 as well . . .

    What say u??
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