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  • Miss you guys

    I am banned again for once again spamming this forum without paying for it.

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    Hahahahahaha, maybe they'll let you stay:robottongue:

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    • HottKarl
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      Yeah weren't you perma'd Jerry?


    • Surreal Amps
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      nnnaaaaahhh!.   to many followers and too few leaders. most people never bother to investigate things for themselves. They just blindly beleive something that their mentor with the most post count has.

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    I hope they fire your a $ $ ... and quick!


    • warclub
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      For the record I love the new format too. :robotlol:

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    Ha, this is like that scene in Ghostbusters when their containment unit is shut down by the ginger EPA guy.


    • primeholy
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      Sounds like Jerry is looking for dudes to suck his peenor.

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    Did peenus jerry get Bant ?

    I endorse Laura & Valve Queen tubes, you should too.Marshall, Gibson, Fender, Charvel/Jackson."I'm happy to pay my tech $40 bucks to take the Zap for me."One kick-butt deal with johnpace2 Dave Friedman of RACKSYSTEMS is a genius.After the Firebird X, i'm quite convinced Henry Juszkiewicz is crazy.Member of the JMP Hall of Fame.


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      Seriously talked himself out of a customer
      ma band

      Amps Guitars
      Rectoverb American Deluxe HSS Strat
      Laney vh100 Squire Classic Vibe Tele
      Reeves superlead high gain
      Classic 50


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        Jerry = great example of a Christian. Good job Jerry. I'm sure Jesus is happy with your shining example. At least he loves you. Everyone else thinks you're an **bleep**.