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Voodoo "V-Rock" Video Demo & Review

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  • Voodoo "V-Rock" Video Demo & Review

    Good Monday morning guys! Here is a brand new Voodoo V-Rock Video Demo and review! Click on link to watch video & read the review! A big Special thanks to our dealer FX-Pedal.com & Interactive Guitar Magazine.


    V-Rock" 16 minute Video Demo & Review -  


    V-Rock Written Review -  http://licklibrary.ceros.com/iguitarmag/issue15/page/080


    Several musical styles are represented in the video demo and I would very much love your feedback. This same model will be at our Private Showing/Booth this week in AnaheimCA.



    Thanks guys, you rock!


    Voodoo Amplification Inc<br>12 Verizon Lane, Lansing New York<br>607-256-0465 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm EST/NY time)

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    Hi Trace, thanks for posting the V-Rock.

    I wasn't too sure about the first demo, it seemed a little hairy and cutting? to me. But as Stuart progressed, it become clear how truly versatile the amp is. It's got all the sounds for a modern rock, blues and even country player. The harmonics were astounding during his Van Halen segment! And to have Billy's endorsement....very nice!

    I've always felt I needed at least 3 channels or some programmable outboard preamp or modeller. This is one of the amps that prove you can cover a lot of ground with one channel! Sweet.


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      Hi Trace, thanks for posting the V-Rock. I wasn't too sure about the first demo, it seemed a little hairy and cutting? to me.

      Thanks, the amp is much fatter/bolder and girth

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    I miss my little V-Rock. Congrats on the review Trace!

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