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Which practice amp should I get.


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  • Which practice amp should I get.

    I need help choosing a practice amp, here's what I want -Type A tubes, 12'' speaker would be nice, 15W ideally but am forced by price down to 5W.
    I use to have a 1970's 100W marshal head with 4x12 & liked that alot,
    I play a 1962 reissue jazzmaster & am into anything from 60's psych to alt rock

    (please try not to add too many more types or my head may explode)
    Here's my list
    No. 1 -
    Fender Classic Player Jazzmaster, Hofner JT-60, Fender brea elec/acoustic, Big Muff, FAME-Tremelo, FAME-EQ-10, Jim Dunlop Cry Baby, Boss OD-1,

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    Check out the Orange Crush amps?


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      Buy A Harley benton GA15. Do 2 things.
      1.Buy a Jensen P10Q speaker (the stock speaker is absolute crap).
      2.Buy a Boss GE-7 equalizer or a Boss GE-7B equalizer and you have a GREAT GREAT !!!! amp.


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        just kidding, I really don't know.  SCX2 is well regarded and it's easy to plug a 12" speaker cable into the back if you ever need to.  If you like to mod your stuff the Epiphone might be fun.  People have done crazy things with them.  Blackheart would be well-built.

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      ehy freakyman!


      What kind of "practicing" do you mean? Playing along to the radio? Practicing with a band? Rehearsing triads and minor7thadd11 C# modes?


      It makes a difference. I've had a LOT of amps and rigs in my time, and the guitar an amp Ileanr the MOST on "practice" is my old Hramony hollowbody and Guitar Research T30r 1x8 combo. Cheapest gear I have! And yet I learn the most when doing exercises like chords and scales and patterns. I contrate more on my lessons than having cool HCAF tone and it matters!


      But it doesn't serve for band practice. I wish I had done this 30 years ago.