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  • vintage Hiwatt Custom 100

    Question: can you get a nice light crunch out of an old Hiwatt Custom 100? It has a master volume, so I would guess you can, but I really can't find any decent demo's on youtube...

    There's somebody selling one from '78!


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    Originally Posted by Reaganomics!

    You're on the internet dude. don't try to think rationally about why you don't like something. Just talk condescending to everybody about it, and later that night stroke your dick while wimpering "meh, meh, meh, meh, I don't get it, meh meh meh, this similar but less popular artist is better, meh meh meh"

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    I don't have any personla experience but I LOVE Alex Lifeson's Hiwatt tones. Pretty sure All The Wolrd's A Stage is Hiwatt. There's so much baddassery there it's not even funny.


    If the price was reasonable and I could afford it I'd get one in a heart beat!


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      reality check. I have one IT IS INSANELY LOUD......REPEAT...... INSANELY LOUD!!!!!!!!!

      don't even consider this amp for one millisecond, unless, you're going to invest in a good attenuator hat can handle this beast.

      I couldn't/wouldn't use mine for years because quite frankly, it sounds like **************** at low/medium volumes. it's an amp that needs to be dialed to its sweet spot, which is just a little over halfway on the master volume.

      at this volume, it's actually painful.

      the amp sounds stiff, cold and brittle unless it's turned up, I'm not kidding.

      but, if you do get a good attenuator, it's an experience that can't be described.

      if you're thinking, ahh I'll just throw a good pedal in front of it, forget it, you'd be wasting your money.