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peavey delta blues mod?


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  • peavey delta blues mod?

    does anyone know of a delta blues mod to get better tone. or the best pedal eq that's quiet. thanks

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    So I remember this page for the Classic 30.  I have no idea how technically similar it is to the Delta Blues.


    I use an MXR 10-band EQ pedal in the effects loop of a C30.  It's got decent headroom and is pretty quiet if you tend to cut rather than boost.


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      What is it about the amp you don't like?


      Maybe a different amp would suit you better, rather than trying to polish it?


      • rdpar
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        With jj tubes the over drive channel is excellent even with stock speaker.My problem is the clean channel ,trying to get a strat sound , Hendrixy sort of . More top end. I tried the mxr but it was noisy, didn't try it through the effects loop, that' an interesting idea.