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who here knows all about warren haynes gear ? help !


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    Not to hijack the discussion about Warren's guitars and pickups, which has been going on quite nicely, but i think he used to use a Metal Zone!
    This is greasy kid's stuff, mix 12, ground zero, with the melody guitars up .3, bass up .4, kick down .5, overheads up .4, less gain on the snare, and 3dB added at 10k on the Pultecs to the rhythm guitars. We're rolling...


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      Warren did use a metal zone. Now he uses a Klon Centaur for overdrive. I know it's been said, but the sound is more in the hands and the attack he has more than anyting else. In watching the Deep End DVD it was interesting to watch a lot of his nuances - the way he works the volume knob and pickup selector, and the way he will sometimes use the pick, sometimes his thumb, and sometimes just strum with the top sides of his fingernails just to clean up the sound a little bit. I really dig Haynes' playing. Having said all of that you can attain similar sounds with a lot of different setups. Lately, I've been playing and Anderson Cobra through a Peavey Ultra 112 (I know, I know - it's not boutique) and get a pleasing sound with the gain turned down on the crunch channel. I really like Warren's playing.


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        The Engl-cabs he's using on the Deep End DVD have V30s in them, his SLO has the aformentioned tweak but a good LP into a stock SLO will come VERY close to that tone.
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          i spotted a ga30 gibson amp there as well on the deep end dvd.Did the guest players only used that amp?


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            There was also a Custom Audio Electronics half stack on stage.


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              The firebird thats purple on the live from the deep end dvd, is that got burstbuckers in it ? Also is it non or revrerse when the body goes up instead of down?

              If they are not burstbuckers what are they ? They look like humbuckers not minis


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                there mini humbuckers in the firebirds he plays..There just custom made for that style of firebird...There un covered they almost resemble Filtron

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              Check out Warren's new video interviews on Gibson Guitar's Web site.


              There are several interview segments and two players tips lessons where he talks about his gear and playing style.

              Talks about his new sweet Gibson LP too. Man, I just love Warren. He seems like the nicest guy and what an incredible player!



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                Ill say this, the tone on DOSE is one of my favorites ever. I dont think you can nail that tone with a Marshall. You can get close with my Superbass, but the SLO character is in full effect on that album.


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                  There was also a Custom Audio Electronics half stack on stage.

                  That CAE half-stack was for the special guests, I think.
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