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Ring around the Rosie music/guitar tabs??? anyone....

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  • Ring around the Rosie music/guitar tabs??? anyone....

    Yes I'm serious.

    I'm making a Horror/comedy movie at uni (media studies subject) and I want to do a version of ring around the rosie for back ground music (you know the nursery rhyme).

    I'm going to record a version on guitar that starts off nice (using classical/accoustic guitar) then turns very evil and metal sounding (electric guitar/death metal distortion). I've been searching for the sheet music or any simple guitar tabs on the net but can't find any (even the key, notes etc. would be a great help) I just want the basic traditional song structure to work with so it wont take so long, give me a jump start. I could work it out by ear but I just want to save time.

    heres the song on piano. I want to do something similar on guitar and change it around a bit to get the desired sound (as described above)

    Can anybody help me out? I know it's a kind of wiered request and all but any help will be greatly appreciated. Cheers.

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    Proud member of the New Wave of Australian Heavy Metal m /


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      A 2 man parody band I was in a few years back did a death metal version of ring around the rosie. We were called Asdf jkl;....not that it's of any help to you, but I think its funny that someone else is doing this.
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      I'd tap that like eruption!

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        How's about "Ringworm around the Rosie", by the ****************************************s??
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          Ummm the song is just a simple tune, just figure out the notes and then build the chords and scales and play from there.


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            Originally posted by Bradman006
            I could work it out by ear but I just want to save time.

            Your ear is slower than the time this post will take?

            Tab WAS the death of musicianship wasn't it?


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