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NEW Randall Diavlo series

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  • NEW Randall Diavlo series

    Anyone try these? I was curious about the 40 and 20 watters. I currently own a 5153. Has anyone tried both to give me a frame of reference?


    Way back in the day I owned a SS Randall RH100 and it had a boost on the clean channel (why, I have no idea). Is the boost here on the gain channel? If so, it'd make a great amp for live gigs. Clean + Rhythm + boost for face melting solos. 


    Also, do you know how it would compare with, say, a Marshall DSL? 



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    no one? Why is it so hard to find people who have played these amps?


    • Steve2112
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      1) Not a lot of traffic

      2) Not many people have tried it

      3) Go find one, buy it, try it, and become the resident expert



    • HKSblade2
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      Not many places are stocking as many amps. The local stores HATE and I mean HATE being nothing but tire kicking stores for online retailer purchasing. So not many get a chance to try out as many amps, cabs etc as we used to do frequently.

       last new amp I saw at a store was a BlackStar ID amp and a Fender Mustang modeler. There is nothing else around here.

      How many here would stock Randall, Mesa, Marshall, Peavey, etc when these people coming in just buy it online?

      Local guy here can't even buy Line 6 becasue they want over 6k in orders. Store can't make any money selling them. He bought over 22k in Marshall amps. Only sold one. They have been tried out at least 100x each. Customer gets that no tax deal online. Store markups can't always cover it. Then they risk their necks on returns. F that noise.

      I don't see decent quality drums, different mics, quality guitar brands, cymbals, etc etc locally like we used to. Store owners are down to accessories, lessons, and band rentals.