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Tube amp noob needs help.


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  • Tube amp noob needs help.

    Okay, my name's Jake. Nice to meet you. Now that we have that covered, here is my question: Do I need to worry about this setup or can I crank 'er all the way up?

    Amp: Vox AD100VTH
    Cabinet: Marshall MG412A

    Pretty much the extent of my knowledge is that if there is one input on the cab, use the series setting. If there are 2 inputs, parallel. Just want to know if I will be able to crank this amp up without worrying about my cab. Any help or direction appreciated!

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    The cab can handle all of the output of the amp just fine. 100w amp, 120w cab.

    You don't have a tube amp, but a modling amp. The tube is basically an effect, not really part of the gain structure. - Adding Insult to Everything!Neck Pocket Cavern Surveyor for the Rhythm in Jump. Dancing Close to You club!"In all fairness, Les Pauls have a switch position labeled "Rhythm", while Strats do not, because they are lead guitars for lead guitarists." -Flatspotter


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      Interesting.. I just flipped it upside down and saw a tube, made an incorrect assumption I suppose. Like I said, tube amp noob thanks for your help ermghoti!