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  • Setup help!

    I'm still really new to all this midi switching so bare with me!

    I'm building a new rig and need some help with the setup.

    Here's what I have for gear:
    Digitech 2101
    Mesa triaxis
    Mesa 295

    What I want is to be able to control both the triaxis and the 2101 with a midi foot controller. The 2101 is being used strictly for effects...all distortion/overdrive/clean will be coming from the triaxis.

    Where I need help right now is, is it possible to control both with something like the rocktron all access or voodoo labs ground control? Meaning could I program it so switch 1 is clean channel on the triaxis and chorus/reverb on the 2101, switch 2 is overdrive on the triaxis, switch 3 is high gain on the triaxis and delay on the 2101, and so on?

    Any help is appreciated!!

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