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Did that moog guitar get the axe? (pun intended)

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  • Did that moog guitar get the axe? (pun intended)

    seems like that thing never really took off.


    I remember people always wondering/wishing for a hex version of an ebow (the sustainiac guys even have that in their FAQ), but I suppose when it comes to laying out the cash for ust didn't happen (or maybe the rest of the guitar was too much of a copromise or soemething)


    But just out of curiosity, I looked to see if the price was coming down just for ****************-n-giggles and it sort of looks like it's just gone the way of the dodo

    maybe I should get one and put a hammer jammer and aspri reverb on it (OK, I admit, I still kinda want an aspri reverb)

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    You mean the moog E-1 Guitar?

    I personally think it was WAY too overpriced for what it did.

    RRP: $4,395.00

    Sure you got "neato" sounds out of it, but it was just too expensive for most players for what it did.
    I would rather have the MIDI guitar setup I have now with a axon ax 100 into a yamaha motif rack XS played through a Godin ACS SA classical MIDI guitar. Way more sounds and way more things I can do with it.

    You are right about no one carrying them anymore. Not even places like sweetwater carry them anymore.

    There is one on ebay now used for $2,920.00!! (STILL way overpriced if you ask me!)

    If it got the "axe" (pun also intended) it certianly deserved it!

    I wish that guy selling on ebay luck, he is really going to need it if he is going to sell that guitar for THAT price!

    I think I can get a LOT more guitar for a lot less price than that thing!






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      yeah and I think that was the LESSER priced one (they had the custom one too)!!!


      I think it might have been a problem looking for a solution -- well, people have wanted hex sustain for years and years and years because it seemed like the next logical step , but in practice I think maybe it's not really all that


      plus you are sort of tethered to the outboard system.


      Hey, I have a Godin grand nylon (I'm used to classical guitars, so it's pretty good, it still has a little radius tho I wish it didn't)...I used it with an old VG-8 tho, not synth

      and really it's a good guitar just as a standard guitar