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Laptop w/Windows 7 has Mic Input Latency


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  • Laptop w/Windows 7 has Mic Input Latency

    I just recently got my first Laptop, and I was already to use it to play backing tracks while I jam along using my Multi-FX into the mic input BUT it has major latency.

    I've tried searching the internet for solutions but nothings worked so far.

    It has a Realtek HD soundcard but Windows seems to be the only way to control the Mic Input.

    Anyone have this problem and found a way to work around or fix it?

    To be clear, I'm not trying to use a program and/or to record anything through the Mic Input, just have the Mic Input send the signal to the Headphone Ouput without any noticeable latency.
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    There's few things I'd like to add about this admittably minor dilema.

    I have a Desktop running Vista that has NO latency using it's Mic Input, (Thank God)

    and it has Realtek Hd Audio software too, although an older version then the Laptop's.

    I just play at home and, thanks to having several Multi-FX that lack an Aux-In, I have

    to use a headphone Splitter in reverse to play along with them. IF you're wondering

    whether doing this reduces the loudness of both Input devices, IT DOES, by 50%.

    (always fun when I turn off the CD Player, and forget to turn down the speakers)

    IF I can use the Laptop to play backing tracks while I play the guitar through the Mic-In,

    I wouldn't have to do this. Since I use a 2.1 Speaker system w/ 32 total watts, it'd help

    me when running out of headroom, where the volume's concerned.

    Now, I do have one Multi-FX (Thank God) that can connect using USB, so I'll be giving

    that a try, but it's pretty dissapointing to have to rely on that ONLY. (have keyboard,

    other effects with just analog outputs that I'd like to use with Laptop as well)

    There's several possibilities for the Laptop's Mic-In latency that occur to me, a barely-

    computer literate.

    1) My cheap, 3-year old Laptop just doesn't have the power to deal with the Audio

    Input info fast enough. I've learned a trick to test this. A Flashdrive can be used to

    increase RAM, which is 2GB on the Laptop, and that, when done, should let me know

    if low RAM is the problem. (I don't think so, it handles Areo graphics well enough)

    2) The Windows 7 Speech Recognition software is diverting the signal and slowing

    it down. I'm hoping assigning the Built-In Mic to this function will stop the Mic-Input

    from being used in any Speech Recognition processing. (tried deleting software, but

    Windows wouldn't allow it)

    3) The Realtek HD software, the particular version I have, may be a low performing,

    lite version that isn't capable of latency free processing. I updated the drivers, and

    it DID help a little.

    4) Windows 7, at least the earlier version, has this problem, period. I did have

    Windows do a check of the Audio and Fix it and the latency increased 10 times,

    which has me hopeful it's just some dialog box or tab that needs adjusting, to

    fix the Mic-In's latency, since Windows 'fixed' something & made it much worse.

    So, if there's any Windows/Microsoft experts out there with a clue what might

    be causing the Mic Input latency, please post a possible solution, if you can

    think of one.

    P.S. This [http://www.asio4all.com/] was suggested, on Youtube, as a possible

    solution, after updating the Realtek Drivers. (which I did)

    Anyone familiar with that software, or ASIO drivers in general? (please do tell)
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      I've ('SwingingAx', now 'SwingingStax') recently discovered something that may explain my Laptop's latency.(and why my Desktop doesn't have any)

      It turns out that a Laptop Computer doesn't have a Sound Card, at least not as a standard. It usually has something attached to the Motherboard, to handle Audio, instead of a seperate Sound Card.

      And the Sound Card is what will have a Hardware Loopback (MS's explanation for latency) or Analog Pass-thru, or whatever it might be called, to prevent latency when listening to it's Microphone Input.

      I'm still hopeful I can change whatever setting was changed to go from over 1 second of latency (after Windows fix) down to the annoying echo it is now. (maybe 25-50 ms)

      But short of buying an External Sound Card for the Laptop, it just may not have the built-in Audio Hardware to deliver latency free audio output using it's Microphone Input. :-(



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        mister natural commented
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        A. welcome to the forum
        B. you need an audio interface for windows - there are many available in the marketplace for $100 to $150
        C. each of these interfaces will support the ASIO that you need to make music
        D. practice, practice, practice