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Parker or Variax JTV

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  • Parker or Variax JTV

    I am pretty sure that this has been asked before, but which is a better guitar, with parker I am looking at the Mojo transparent cherry or the DF742, with variax it would be the JTV89f. Is parker worth the difference in money? i play direct through a Gsp1101, classic rock, so I am looking for great distortion and bright stratty cleans. Mojo is 4100, DF742 is around 2800, and the JTV MIK is around 1500.

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    As a JTV owner I'll throw my .02 in. The appeal of the JTV series is that it's a qualitty instrument with TONS of versitility because of the software. It's awesome to have a consistent playing experience but be able to quickly change between drastically different sounds. If I only take one instrument to a gig, acoustic or electric, it's the JTV. It's a no brainer. Having the ability to change to altertante tuning on the fly mid-song is a huge bonus. I also use the HD500 so I can have an alternate tuned acoustic patch for a song and with the press of a button go to a standard tuned Les Paul with drive and effects for the solo section. Makes life so easy!

    Having said that, I haven't gotten to play any of the Parker instruments. I've heard nothing but good things about their quaility and playability. If you're comparing the absolute quality of the instrument then comparing the USA made JTV to the Parker might be a closer comparison.

    As an owner of a Korean made JTV59, a Les Paul Standard, and a SRV sig Strat I can say that the quality of the JTV is really high. I'm not super picky and don't go over my guitars with a fine toothed comb, but I haven't found any flaws in my JTV. It plays great and even without the electronics it would be a fine instrument.

    Having said that is it on the same quality level as the Parker? For what Parker charges I would hope it would be to a higher standard.

    So in my opinion to answer the question of which is a better guitar I think it depends on what is most important to you. I don't think you'll find a more versitle instrument on the market than the JTV, especially not at that price point. And you can often find scratch and dent specials online. A friend of mine got one and it doesn't have any obvious flaws.

    The JTV can certainly cover the sonic territory you're looking for as well. It doesn't just sound kind of like a Les Paul and kind of like a Strat, it accurately emulates those tones.

    That's about all I can offer up. I hope this helps.


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      I am not getting notices so I am not aware of posts. i ended up buying a Parker DF824. It is an awesome guitar, so easy to play, and the piezo is very useable. My only complaint is that it gets out of tune rather easily, and I have not been able to find the "fixed" bridge mode, down only or floating, but no fixed, as they claim. The trem us super smooth, but again, does not hold tune nearly as well as a locking nut.


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        I can say that the quality of the JTV is really high. I'm not super picky and don't go over my guitars with a fine toothed comb, but I haven't found any flaws in my JTV