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    Hey guys and gals need some advice/help.   I have spent hours and hours doing scales along to guitar or piano, but I simply cannot repeat a simple 5 tone scale acapella without the instrument.  If I do them along with the instrument I can correct so fast its seems right on,  but take that away give me the starting note and no chance I can repeat it with any consistancy.   Is there a secret I'm missing?

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    Can you clarify what you mean?  Do you mean that given a starting note “do” on an instrument you can’t accurately sing up five notes (do, re, mi, fa, so, la) without an instrument to follow along with?  If that’s the case, you probably just need more practice.  Can you tell where you are going wrong?  In other words, are you okay on “do” to “re” but then can’t get “re” to “mi”?  How are you checking yourself, and are you going sharp or flat?

    You say that you correct yourself so quickly when singing with the instrument that it seems accurate, but that’s not the same as being accurate.  Maybe you must first be more deliberate in your practice before trying to go a cappella.  Play the note, hear the note in your head, sing the note.


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      I prefer to sing with music not acappella so I can reference the tones. I'd most likely suck badly without accompaniment.

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      b_f_c_99 wrote:

      Thanks Davie,  after a couple hours today, I'm getting to where I can hit a starting note and then pick my way through 5 tone major scale up and down using different vowels,   best of all I can hear it when I'm off!

      That's great to hear. I hope it was helpful to you.

    • b_f_c_99
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      Thanks Davie,  helped alot,  I think I just needed a little guidance on how to tackle it,  again thank you!

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    i know exactly how you feel! the ear usually needs some time to adjust to the flavour of the scale, and even if the ear knows what it hears, the voice sometimes goes, "huh?!"

    very irritating..

    anyway here's a video i've found on youtube that might help you get on the right track.

    i'm not a very visual learner, meaning i don't rely too much on graphics to learn new stuff.

    but you might be one of those musicians who need to have their eyes engaged for the information to sink in.

    which sucks because music is a listening art.

    anyway, here's the video:


    I write articles about voice and singing at No Note Singing


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      Thats super interesting, the last few days I've taken to using my hand like a choir director does going up and down the scale. Its very similar to this and works amazingly well!