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Backup Vox needed for recording project ($$$)


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  • Backup Vox needed for recording project ($$$)

    Hey all, I need some backup vocals for a grunge, folk rock song. I tried to do them myself but to no avail. They need to be tight and thick so at least two parts. I am willing to pay $50 but I want to be satisfied. So moderate level and above if possible. If interested, once emailed, I will send an mp3 of the song, a mp3 of just vocals (w/o FX), and a word doc of lyrics with suggested bv places. my email is paul.hefner@hotmail.com. email if interested. also post on here just in case i forget to check my junk (as a new contact could very easily go into that folder). Thanks!

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    Wow. No responses. I'm a bit surprised.