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Oh Me - Nirvana MTV Unplugged Cover

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  • Oh Me - Nirvana MTV Unplugged Cover

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    Maybe I'm confused to the true content of this forum but....
    I am just going to copy and paste what I put on anothers comments a few minutes ago..

    Hi ... That was lovely..

    however, this is a support forum for singers to learn from each other and get constructive information on how to improve singing etc..

    It seems you just wanted to advertise your material (which is fine), but shouldn't be here, as it is off base to what we are trying to do on the forum.

    Is there a different section on Harmony Central for stuff like that??? if not, maybe there should be - for finished products.


    • romi1212
      romi1212 commented
      Editing a comment

      thanks a lot for appreciation 


      i dont want to advertise my material its just about getting feed back from other talented guys here to improve singing and playing 


      suerly a man cannot judge his mistakes  himself but others can