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  • Questions about my singing?

    1. Whenever I try to sing high note with my chest voice I always end up trying to force myself then my voice would crack. I think this has got to something with the air pressure I need to release.
    2. Singing with head voice often would make my head aches.
    3. How do I start singing with vibrato?
    4. I don't know if I'm doing riffs 'n runs right but I'm doing it as if I'm stopping every air pressure from diaphragm and singing notes to it. I'm sorry it's kind of hard to understand what I'm saying.. It's like I'm saying he-he-he-he-he fast then adding notes to each "he". I know it would sound staccato but it's not really obvious. Am I doing it right? Do you really need to learn vibrato first before riffs and runs?

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    1. Yes.. you need to support more. take a full breath, but don't over fill. Remember NOT to breathe from your chest.. take it from the gut (diaphram)..

    2. You are pushing too much air through, and forcing to hard.. You need to keep relaxed... point #1 I made, will dramatically change this issue when you get it down.

    3. Sustain a note (any note)... then drop it 1/2 tone down, then back up again.. Sorta like a Siren.. then speed it up..

    4. You don't need to learn vibrato first before runs & riffs, but it could help...
    Just remember, that Vibrato, is the altering of a single pitch to a lower (or higher) pitch and back again... .. Runs / Riffs, are the inclusion of different notes tied together to create an effect.... They are completely different from each other.