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Can't sing without cupping my ear


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  • Can't sing without cupping my ear

    I'm a guitarist and I've written a few of songs. I would love to record them and have some decent equipment to do so, but the problem is my voice never behaves when I'd like it to.

    If I'm in my car driving, I get good, constant results. If I'm at home and I cup one of my ears with my hand, I hear myself and have much better control over any issues. The problem is if I'm trying to record while playing guitar or over the music I am singing to, I fall apart. Shaky vocals, loss of tone and lack of control. It's like I've never sang in my life. I feel like if I can't hear myself directly I'm a mess. Is this a common problem and is there any way of working on it?

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    me too same problem -_-


    • Onacor
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      As far as I know, it is not a common issue EarDeath.
      You need to train your ear, or your body for that matter, to ' feel ' the words when you sing them.. A lot of times in a loud environment where it is next to impossible to hear yourself (instruments are too loud, or PA system sucks arse), you have to rely on what it ' feels ' like... You may still end up flat or sharp here or there, but overall you will nail it..

      BUT, because you mentioned you get good results in the car (open air... where your sound is not drowned out), and cupping your ear ( where you are feeling the vibrations more and ride on top of the sound with your vocals),
      You just need a good :
      1. Headphone & Mic for at home when doing it..
      2. On stage - inear monitors..

      Then you'll do fine....
      But with practice, you will learn the feeling of your voice, and will be able to nail the songs without even thinking about them, just by the feeling ..

    • EarDeath
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      Thanks Onacor, that's very reassuring! I'll certainly give that a try.

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    the problem isn't what you hear but what your mind hears. you must focus on your voice. don't think what you're singing but hear it.