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Help with vocals! Much appreciated!!


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  • Help with vocals! Much appreciated!!

    Hello everyone,


    I’m new on the forum and I’m here to ask for your help! On june I’m going to be married and as a surprise for my wife I wanted to write a song for her, to be shown during the party as soundtrack for a video project. You know, the kind of romantic stuff women love, my girl is not an exception.


    I want it to be a happy song, with nice sounds, chords and progression, nothing dark or too as ballad.


    Here the idea I came out with: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1GUEjgrf-Xs.


    I’m afraid I won’t win a grammy with this, but for my purpose I thought it could be a nice one. Consider this is just a starting point, I’m still working on it. I think the song will be with a slower tempo than this (around 113/115).


    The problem is that I’m completely stuck with the vocal line, the ideas I could think of by now seem not really interesting nor charming, or too much melodic, or too sad or too much “pop” (I know the theme song is pretty pop, but I don’t want the whole song to be like that).


    I was wondering if some of you guys could give me a help and inspire me with some fresh ideas!! And of course your name will be mentioned in the credits!


    The sung part has the same chords of the video (Bb, Gm) but without the mandolin. (afterbridge is D#, Cm, D#, F). Song tune is Bb-maj.


    Any kind of comment or suggestions will be much appreciated.


    You can send me your ideas in every way you like (youtube, soundcloud, email, CD via mail [just kidding], whatever...).