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    Folks, what are the best/quietest venues you have seen or heard of for singer-songwriters?

    By "venue" I mean places that actually pay and get semi-famous artists to play. I know tiny coffeehouses are quiet, but Im not interested in pass-the-hat or local hero places. I mean places where liquor is served, artists can get a guarantee, and places know for booking traveling singer-songwriter acts.

    Similar places I already know about are Club Passim, Mucky Duck, Fitzgeralds Sidebar, etc.

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    I've played a few high-calibre restaurants/bars in Glasgow as part of an acoustic duo.  The customers on a friday/saturday night appreciate the scaled-down setup rather than full bands.  We're always expected to provide the standard popular covers but they're rarely opposed to us throwing in an original tune here and there.  

    Try restaurants in your area.  There's likely to be an opening somewhere.