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How to be Heard - The Brave New World of Online Music Promotion

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  • How to be Heard - The Brave New World of Online Music Promotion

    Navigating the world of online music marketing can be a bit of a minefield. There is certainly no shortage of start-up services promising to propel your music into super-stardom for a fee. The question is which ones are effective and represent a real investment in your music, and which ones are just after your money? Many artists are now selling their music directly online through services like TuneCore and BandCamp: It’s a brave new world of self-publishing and promotion and if you’re a struggling artist trying to be heard, you can’t afford to ignore it. But there’s more to selling your music than simply distributing it. You also have to build desire and ‘buzz’ around it, and that’s something that’s easier said than done. Traditionally it involves a lot of ‘leg-work’ sending your music all over the place trying to convince people to listen to it. But don’t you think they’d be more likely to listen to it if their friends, rather than you, had told them to? Of course they would! Enter, a new service for musicians and labels which will not only see your music played to a wide audience, but also give your audience a voice to tell the world how they feel about it.

    Music fans of all kinds can sign up to earn real money by simply listening to music and writing short reviews of everything they hear. These reviews are posted to over 40 different social media channels to let their friends, colleagues and family know they are not only listening to your music, but also what they think of it! People naturally trust the opinions of their friends more than strangers, so these reviews are great promotion for your music. A review campaign can be launched for as little as $25, offering a potentially fantastic return on investment. Maybe they’ll even ‘go viral’ and reach thousands or even millions of people, without you paying an extra penny.

    In addition to this valuable exposure, FameTune provides an online sales platform for your music too. You can sell your music to the world and keep 80% of revenue, a far more attractive deal that many online distributors, not to mention record labels, are offering. Plus you can launch your campaign in minutes and access your earnings straight away, so no more waiting 3-6 months before you can reinvest your profits. You can’t even judge the success of your marketing efforts if you have to wait that long just to see the results. So when your new fans share their reviews of your music through FameTune, they’ll be providing links to purchase it at the maximum possible profit to you. Making music isn’t all about making money, but it certainly helps!

    No modern musician or label can afford to ignore the power of social media in marketing their music, and now using FameTune it is easier than ever to harness the power of viral marketing and potentially reach millions of relevant fans with your music. If you’re a musician or label, this is definitely one to watch!