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  • Looping a guitar part

    Now that we are a four piece, we are trying to figure out ways to make songs we played as a 5 piece work as 4...

    One of those is eye of the tiger.

    I can play the chugging solid note that plays throughout the verses, but I'm also the singer and I find my mind preoccupied with trying to keep exact time, and trying to sing to be difficult.


    I have a boss RC20XL loop station, and I was wondering how easy it would be to play through that part during the intro, and then have it loop for the rest of the song so I can free sing the rest of the time, and the other guitarist will play the rest of the song. 

    He said it would be easier to do with a delay pedal set to infinite. suggestions? I haven't played with this loop station much yet, but I can't seem to use it as easy as people are making it out to be.

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    Looping is awesome, the only thing is the drummer has to play along with the loop, and it only takes a fraction of a millisecond to be off. I have the RC2 and an outboard pedal, with a "live" drummer that is willing to listen and follow Your loop it would work great.


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      It's going to be difficult. Not only do you have to be PERFECT when you set the loop from record to play, your drummer has to be dead nuts too.