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Online gig blackout scheduling tools?


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  • Online gig blackout scheduling tools?

    Are there any which aren't ridiculously complicated?

    I want to be able look at a calendar and click on days when I'm not available, and also see days when others aren't available.

    I don't need mailing lists, multiple groups, SMS notifications.

    Is there such a beast, or do I need to write it?


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    Google Calendar


    • jeff42
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      yep, google calendar is very easy

    • wesg
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      Managing multiple calendars with google calendar is a giant PITA. And I don't want to share my work calendar with my bandmates.

      I also don't want the "oh I marked a blackout, but I put in on the wrong calendar" excuse from others.

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    Have you checked out Bandwerkz?






    • Chicken Monkey
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      If Google Calendar doesn't work for you, you might want to re-examine your life.  

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    I use www.wheresthegig.com to keep out stuff straight. It's got a lot of cool tools and Ethan is a great guy, but it can be as simple as you want to keep it, too.
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      I use www.planningcenteronline.com, the free version,even though its designed for church use.mostlf players are from my church and already familiar with that system. It's overkill for my band but the scheduling tool is handy and the feature I really like is the song database linking to iTunes and YouTube for instructional videos, etc.


      • wesg
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        Thanks for the suggestions!

        At this point, I think I am going with WheresTheGig.com -- it supports everything I need, and is a lot more straightforward to set up than shared calendaring!