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    My bands starting to look into booking gigs and we're wondering what a good strategy for it is.  We're based in Melbourne Australia but we want to get to other parts of the country too.  Luckily for us, there is budget airlines/cities within 1 day driving distance and we want to take advantage of those.  We're all fine with paying money to get to gigs, this all of our main hobby so we have money to put into it.  We're all young and good mates so spending time getting to towns to play is all good!  


    That being said, is this a logical monthly plan to establish a fan base?  This is a rough montly plan

    Weekend 1 - Busking/hosting a BBQ (bassists dad has the permits for this!  Gotta love hook ups) to hopefully fund recordings/merch/plane tickets


    Weekend 2 - Melbourne gig


    Weekend 3 - Out of town (Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, Canberra, etc)depending on seat sales and gear logistics.


    Weekend 4 - Time off, or busking again if everyones free


    Weekend 5 - Out of town again, depensing on weekend 3 and seat sales and gear logistics.


    We figure doing this would give us the ability to make each gig an event as opposed to just another gig.  And the consistentcy (sp?) of gigging out of town should help gain fans too right?


    What do you guys think?  We know it's a pipe dream to "make it" but why not have a go at it?  We're all good friends and just love playing together.

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    Hi Finch,

    I live in Victoria too (not Melbourne, but did for a few years), so I can offer my local knowledge.  I have a few questions for you: do you guys play originals or covers?  What genre do you play?  From my experience, the live music scene in Melbourne is excellent, but very competitive.  Do you have the possiblity of playing private functions rather than just the pub scene, or is your music not exactly conducive to this? 

    If you wanted to play in other capital cities (Sydney, Adelaide etc.), which is a great goal to have, I think you would want to have a decent fan base first.  It wouldn't be much fun flying to Sydney to play in a pub and have a handful of people stick around to watch your final set.

    Why can't you focus all your energy on getting regular gigs in Melbourne for starters?  Exactly how you do that, there are heaps of posts on 'getting gigs' here in the forum.




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      Thanks for the reply!  The idea of playing heaps in Melbourne has been brought up, we came up with this as something different to do.  I'm originally from Alberta Canada, where you can hit a few big cities in 3 hours of driving so it was easier/more convienent to gig out of town.. Was just hoping to do something similar with this group!  


      As for info on the group, we're originals with 1 or 2 covers per gig.  We play Muse meets The Police meets No Doubt-y female fronted rock.  

      Maybe we'll keep the plan I posted above as a goal for down the road and just focus on getting fans here first!