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My Week At Rock And Roll Fantasy Camp (Beatles Camp) - Summarized

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  • My Week At Rock And Roll Fantasy Camp (Beatles Camp) - Summarized

    For a "milestone" birthday, my wife signed me up for the Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp (RRFC) in Las Vegas.  It was a Beatles themed camp.  Now, I've been a huge fan of the Beatles, and their music is what got me playing guitar and playing in bands for years.  After I learned about the camp, I turned to the web to find out other experiences, but I was not able to find much.  So, I'd like to share some of what it was like, and later I will give a more detailed description of the camp experiences.

    The camp I was in was 5 days.  Each day we rehearsed with the band we were placed with.  There were several "counselors" that lead each band.  They were Laurence Juber, Gary Hoey, Denny Siewell, Jason Ebs, Elliott Easton, and Glenn Burtnik.  I was in Laurence Juber's band.

    Each day we rehearsed our songs, in preparation for our live show on Saturday and Sunday night at the MGM Grand.  There were also classes given by each of the counselors on everything from solo techniques to song writing.  We had jam sessions where we got to jam with these artists.  Each night there was an event/concert.  One night all the artists jammed, another was a concert with ex-Wings members, while another was from the Fab Faux.

    Lunch and dinner was provided each day, and we stayed at the studio from 10am to 8pm/9pm.  Besides the actual music we played, the artists were so generous with their time, and were great about answering questions, telling stories and helping us 1 on1.

    My take on the experience...

    This was a chance in a lifetime event.  Never in my wildest dreams would I thought I would be on stage with members from Wings, trading solos with the lead guitarist from The Cars, getting guitar solo lessons from Gary Hoey and vocal coaching from Jason Ebs.  Laurence Juber was a thrill to play with.  He's such a talented musician.  He played his acoustic version of Strawberry Fields Forever for our band in the studio.  I watched him play it on his acoustic, and it sounded like 4 guitars at once. Gary Hoey was a blast to meet and hang with.  Such a down to earth guy in person, and when he has a guitar in his hand, let the shredding begin!!

    The live performances were incredible!  Playing to a packed Vegas crowd was beyond my expectations.

    At the end of the week, many of us exchanged contact info, and have kept in touch. 

    I only hope I can go back again soon.

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    Wow! That was a great read! I'm happy for you that you got to experience something like that!!!
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    • tacdryver
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      Sounds very cool. Any impressions, thoughts on how it moved you ahead musically? While I gather a big component is the fan boi thing, I just have to believe that you learned a whole bunch...care to elaborate on what the big boys do?

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    I've always imagined that these camps are for good/expert players. Is the camp something a recreational player with very basic skills could do? In other words, would a guy like me with very minimal guitar skills be wasting my time and money going to something like that?

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    • PorscheDad
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      Regarding the camp I attended(Fab Faux Beatles Tribute), there were all different levels there.  In fact, one of the guys in my band, did not have any experience playing live, and was pretty green, but he learned the songs we played, and performed live.  I'm consider myself an intermediate player.  The experience of playing live is just a part of the event.  Meeting these artists, having lunch & dinner, chatting in the hallways, the private concerts...it's the whole package.  Would you be wasting you're money?  Depends on what you're trying to get out of it.  BUT, what I can tell you, from the week I was there, not one person felt cheated or upset.  We all felt it was a chance in a lifetime!  I, for one, will go back again, someday.