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DMX Y Cable

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  • DMX Y Cable

    Do these exist? I have a couple shows coming up where a Y cable would make setting up lights A LOT nicer

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    They do not exist and for a good reason. They wouldn't work.

    You'll need an opto-isolator which is how DMX splitters work.
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      They do not exist and for a good reason. They wouldn't work.

      You'll need an opto-isolator which is how DMX splitters work.

      Which is weird Bill because essentially the DMX In and DMX Out on some of my "AMDJ" gear is basically an internally soldered "Y" connection...

      Not doubting you, just going by what I see when I have had to go into some gear for repair work and I see it and go, WTH?? LOL :thu:


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        The thing with fixtures is, though, that there is only one piece of gear on the branch side - the thru side just keeps going to the next piece of gear. Think of that not as a Y but as a T, where there can only be one item off to the side of it. This is why fixture DMX passthru works. Also, the branchoff usually goes immediately to an isolated DMX board not more than a few inches away, if that. also, you have identified one of the reasons that DMX is limited in the official sense to 32 fixtures per run!

        Buy an optosplitter, it will make your life easier.

        In short, a DMX Y cable may kinda work for a couple of minutes if you're lucky, but inevitably some bit of DMX will bounce around there and screw everything up. You've gotta trust me on this one. Oh, and it'll happen at the worst time in the show and it causes all of your lights to stop listening to the console entirely.
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          Or go wireless. A transmitter can send the signal out to however many receiver chains you have.
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            Editing a comment

            Can someone explain to me why I've been using a Y adaptor for ages now without incident? I've got two ADJ Profile Panel RGBs which are daisy chained (so there's one cable) and then a Jellydome on another cable. Since the installer didn't chain the Jellydome into the profiles, I've got two cables coming down, and they go into a Y adaptor, which then goes into the back of the controller. I've never had a problem, and the lights have never "shut down" or malfunctioned in any way. Is this thread just old and out of date, am I working with magical gear or is it something else entirely?