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Best cable for the job?

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  • Best cable for the job?

    Ive got 4 Chauvet colorpalettes, and im going to start with just a master slave color fade, while i save up for DMXIS to run them, what is the best cable for the money to do master slave first, and then full on DMX? Id like 50 foot cables for the variety of sizes of stage we play.

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    Why not get a wireless system?  1 transmitter for your controller (or master fixture), 4 (3) receivers for the units.   Would be MUCH easier than stringing 50ft cables between the fixtures.   

    Beyond that, if you decide to add additional fixtures at each location, just run short cables between those.   EZ-Breezy.

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      A set of wireless will set him back $ 250 or so where as a 50' DMX cable is under $ 30