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  • Chauvet Colortrack III

    I just bought some old fixtures for my band to use as a secondary light rig.  Included were a couple Chauvet Colortrack III.  These have 12 dip switches.  Chauvet says that a user's manual is unavailable.  when powered on, the fixtures cycle the wheel and the bulb turns on for about 10 seconds then goes off.  I am unable to get these to do anything else no matter what dip configuration I have tried.  Is there a stand alone mode or, preferably, a master/slave mode for these?  Does anyone have any advice for making these work correctly or, even better, a manual you could scan and post?  Thank you in advance for any help you can give me.

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    Doing a little search online (I have zero experience with this fixture), I came across the following (I make no assertion that any of this is accurate):

    > The address of the fixture only use only 9 switches. All the extra switches on any fixture are for the special features.

    >DIP Switch # 10 is normally used for the stand alone programs. When that switch is on, the unit does not respond to DMX.

    > One channe (DMX control)l:
    000 -> 016 - Shutter Close
    017 -> 032 - Shutter Open
    033 -> 048 - Red
    049 -> 064 - Yellow
    065 -> 080 - Purple
    081 -> 096 - Orange
    097 -> 112 - Green1
    113 -> 128 - Green2
    129 -> 144 - Blue
    145 -> 160 - Cyan
    161 -> 176 - Magenta
    177 -> 192 - Pink
    193 -> 224 - Wheel Rotate
    225 -> 255 - Strobe

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      That's more info than I could find online.  Nice job!  Unfortunately, I went with the assumption that ch 10 was stand alone, I also tried 11 and 12.  None of these work.  I fear I may have defective fixtures but it seems unlikely because both of them are doing the exact same thing so IDK.  Hmmmmmm