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WARM White Vs COOL White- Which is suitable for me?


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  • WARM White Vs COOL White- Which is suitable for me?

    I am confused which one will make me look nicer on stage. I dread looking at some photos of Singers who looked pale like Dracula once the White light shines on them.


    Assuming I have turned on a nice LED WASH Light for a small stage (for a DUO)...should I go for Warm White so that I will look more natural?

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    Warm white is what you should use for face light.

    With an RGBA fixture this would be approximately red & amber at full, green at 75%, and blue at 20%.  This is a good mix that I've used with some RGBA fixtures.  All manufacturers use different colors, you'll have to tweak the mix until it looks good.

    For RGBW, I've found a variety of mixes depending on the white.  Most RGBW fixtures use a cooler white, which means a more blueish white.  A good starting point for a warm white mix on an RGBW fixture would be Red 100%, Green 75%, Blue 10%, White 90%.  Tweak from there based on the specific colors in your fixture.

    You may want to supplement the LEDs with a simple 75 watt PAR38 can in order to bring out flesh tones.

    The benefit of using color mixing LEDs for frontlight is that for various songs you can change to a light pink or light blue or light amber tone depending on the song.  Some bands like to use saturated frontlighting for certain songs, but most prefer to keep lighter colors on the faces of the performers.

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      soundlight...appreciate your answer.


      I am very new to LED Stage Lighting...so I am pretty overwhelmed with all the seemingly endless types and various models available.


      Budget wise...is it wiser to get a dedicated Warm Light LED UNIT to compliment my WASH LED? (I have not bought any WASH Light yet...LOL!)

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    The cheapest option is usually far from the best option.

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