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Blizzard Lighting not in stock, taking forever...


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  • Blizzard Lighting not in stock, taking forever...

    Well, long story short, I gave up getting American DJ lights because my dealer convinced me to go with Blizzard Lighting...okay, no problem, order less lights and get more, right?  Well ,the order was placed over a a month ago, they STILL are not in the country, and it's going to be another couple weeks AFTER to get them here. Me AND my dealer are starting to get irritated. 

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    I don't think that problem is unique to any one manufacturer.  I have dealt with that with Chauvet, ADJ, and Elation products.  I waited almost 2 1/2 months to get a midicon that I ordered recently.  Last year it took me almost 3 months to get my Intimidator 350's.


    My dealer told me today that Blizzard has a shipment coming in late next week and then again in another couple of weeks.



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      Did you order a brand-new product?  What did you order?

      I've had great dealings with Mike at Innovative LED.  http://www.innovativeledsales.com/

      He has pretty much everything in stock, from what I can tell, and everything I've ordered I've gotten in 4 business days max.  All of his pricing has "make an offer" options as well, and he lists most of his inventory on eBay.

      Bill at ESC is good, too.

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    eBay sometimes has them. Ask to make sure they have the item in hand.
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