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  • Lights and sound on same power board


    I've been roped into helping a choir with sound when they are doing big gigs, but as a sound guy I'm a rank amatuer. We had a gig on Sunday where we also used a lights guy for the first time. We were both setting up and everything seemed to be going fine, the fun started when we turned the lights and PA on together. No power!! Lights by themselves were ok, sound by itself was ok.

    In true "suck it and see" style we had blown two circuit breakers on a locked distribution board before we realised what the problem was. We were sharing a 15A power board, he was using two LEDs (which I understand don't draw too much power) and we run a 400W PA for the choir and a couple of 15W "practice" amps for the band which have lived happily together for a number of gigs including a practice session in the same venue.

    The emergency electrician, after resetting, suggested that lights use a left of house circuit and I stuck to right of house, and we got through in the end. The lights guy said something about not running lights and sound on the same circuit but looking around on the web I can't see anything that says "don't do it". For future reference, can anyone shed any light on what might have been causing the problem?

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    Probably just overloaded the circuit. 15A breakers maybe?
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      If you are asking "should I run lights and sound on a separate circuit always?" - the answer is yes, as you proved.

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      • stunningbabe
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        As long it doesnt overload the 15a...it is ok for me.

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      I hate it when sound guys plug into my circuits. You should always try to remain seperate.


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        Let me start by saying you really should try to seperate the circuits wherever possible. However, with the setup you described you shouldn't be blowing breakers either.

        As a point of reference: I have run a full PA (JBL612s/618XLFs and 2 XTi4000s, SL16.4.2), lights (dozen LED fixtures), hazer, 2 guitar amps and a bass amp on a single 15A breaker with room to spare. I do not recommend doing this, but you'd be surprized on how little modern systems draw.

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        • mate_stubb
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          Yes, but there is no telling what else could be running off that same circuit - refrigerators, freezers, ice machines, etc.

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        Haha I just did our annual push one circuit to its max gig.

        2 ipr3000's
        4 behringer b212's
        Bass amp
        Guitar amp
        Other small misc crap (laptop iPhone charger etc)

        No lights this year but all off one breaker.


        • Claytons_SoundGuy
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          Thanks for the info guys. I thought there might some hi tech physics type answer but I'm starting to think the breakers in the hall we were in were not up to scratch.