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Which controller for movers? SW or HW?


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  • Which controller for movers? SW or HW?

    I'm looking at buying maybe 8 or 10 led moving heads, to go with my current 8 led rgb's, so less than 200 channels ATM.

    2 criterior, programming, and syncing for backing tracks.

    So, regarding ease of programming. I've looked at upgrading to D-pro, it looks like a quick system learn. But I can't work out if I can use it for an entire set synced to backing tracks, and I'm not sure what hardware I need to compliment the SW. Mother Goose, you upgraded right? In hindsight are you happy with this, or would you suggest another SW or non-pc controller?

    I currently have dmxis and ShowBuddy, so I'd like something similar that can cue up a set list, then trigger sound and lights, but easy. mover friendly programming.

    I'm open to suggestions, PC, or hardware, budget probably similar to d-pro.

    All help appreciated guys, thanks.

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    Yes, I have D-Pro and DMXis (The DMXis dongle is compatable with D-Pro), but I don't really use it. So as not to derail the thread, I'll hold off on why.

    If you already have DMXis and ShowBuddy, why are you considering D-Pro or a different controller? What is it that you want to do, that you can't with them?

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      I realise dmxis can control movers, I'm just trying to investigate the most efficient way to program movers for a full show.

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    Try downloading Blizzard's Eclipse software.  It does everything you need, including midi triggering.  The software is essentially free, but you have to buy Blizzard's dongle to use it with lights.  It comes with a "good enough" visualizer, so you'll be able to see what you're doing without the dongle.

    It's worth a try.


    I use it for all of my programming and I've yet to encounter any shortfalls other than a few bugs in the software.  Once you learn to work with the software, everything comes pretty quickly.