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  • Reflector lighting


    This does not relate to live performance so I apologise if my post breaks any forum rules. I have been looking for an answer for days now but I haven't been able to figure out the following relating to reflector lights.

    I am trying to achieve a similar effect as the attached photos where the 6 spotlight fittings project on the wall in a cone or circle shape light and combined they create the color variations.










    After lots of searching I discovered that what I (most likely) need is reflector light fittings/lamps. My question is, what do I need exactly to achieve a similar effect? Am I correct to assume that there are two options, either use:

    1) any led or non led light fitting on the market which when combined with an LED reflector lamp/bulb where the lamp has a narrow beam angle (6-10

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    That does create a nice scene. But why would you need a reflector instead of a narrow beam?

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      Thanks for the reply. What amount of degree is it considered narrow beam that would give a similar effect without the reflector?
      I have only been able to find 45 and 60 degree led lights. Are you aware of any products?