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Kept it simple this weekend :)


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  • Kept it simple this weekend :)

    Root canal Friday morning. 2 bands fri night, fundraiser sat night.

    It's a couple days later and all is well. Tired as hell. The Friday gig went well. A spouse if one of the band members said he's seen the band over 20 times and this was hands down the best they've ever sounded.

    Kind of a retro washy sound.

    Here's their video:

    And the gig:

    One band that night had 2 drummers so I kept it simple and just mic'd the kick on each kit

    Last night was something completely different. It was a fundraiser for seniors housing. Great band, great cause. I gave them a $200 fundraiser discount. The crowd was motley seniors, with others as well. $60/plate. They threw in 4 tickets, to give to my parents and a couple of their friends. It was a really great time. Fun seeing all the seniors up dancing. My parents had a rare occasion to see what I do. They said later they felt awkward watching me snort some blow off a hookers ass, but it is what it is.

    Haha kidding. It was fun, the band was easy to work with and they enjoyed their mix as well. The organizers were really happy that almost everyone stayed until the end. These are 60, 70, 80 year kids we are talking about.

    Had a nice mix, I made sure I wasn't blowing everyone away, and that you could hear the vocals well. I was too sick leading up to really do anything with the lights so I just keep it simple.


    The last song of the night. He gave me a nice shout out which is always nice!

    11 3NX's on the truss, 2 Fab5's to light the band. I want to do a T-Bar set up on my Unity's then I can get the fab5's up higher. Also run 2 per side.
    PA Unity15's over LS800p's. YX15's, YX12's IPR power, RM32AI

    LightsMartin Minimac Profiles, Chauvet Intimidator Spot Duos, Blizzard 3NX, Fab5, Hotbox