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  • "Textured" video screen

    I'm still a way's off from adding video projection to the band's light show.  I am doing some research and brainstorming.  Something I'd like to try is to find some sort of material that would work for a projection screen backdrop, but also have a crumpled texture to it. 

    I've had very good luck with using crumpled window screening material as a backdrop with downlighting.  It's a great look.  However, I don't think that it would work with a head on projection.  Ideally the material would add some gain to the projected image, but I do not know if anything exists. 


    Any thoughts?



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    Look around  You might find something that will work for you.


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      Thanks Bill.


      As a follow up, I think I have come across a solution.  This weekend I was wiring up my new truss and decided see what a projection would look like on the window screening I use.  I found out by accident that the Umbra black backdrop cloth I use shows a projection really well.  I never thought projecting on black cloth would work so well.  The pics below are of a projection on the Umbra cloth from a 2700 lumin projector straight on from 9 feet away.  All lights are on full.



      The cloth will only allow for front projection, which present some challenges.  Putting this into a live environment will require the purchase of a new projector that has horizontal keystone, as most likely the projector will end up on a par tree up front.  Will also have to look into getting the video signal up to the projector.  Will probably utilize a vga or hdmi to cat 5 extender.  I'll also have to research how to blur up the edges of the image (tape on the lens?).  It's exciting to be another step closer to adding another feature to the show.  Once I commit, I'll probably purchase one of the epson 3000 lumin projectors with horizontal keystone like JLB uses.

      I hope someone else looking for material will find this post helpful.

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