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colorband pix and intimidator 200.

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  • colorband pix and intimidator 200.

    Building some new TBar setups to use while DJing and ocasionally for work with bands. I usually am in small sized rooms never more than a capacity of 150-175, average is 75-100. Dancefloors are usually in the 20x20 area. On the band side stages are rarely wider than 16' with an average depth of 10. Ceilings vary most are now at least 10'+ mostly sports bars. I'd like to have 2 tbars with 2 scanners on each. Without dimming the colorband pix will the 200's get washed out? Local dealers only stock the 300, so I've not been able to try in person, and if I have to jump up to the 300 it means I really only have the budget for 2. I'd prefer to stick with scanners as I find them easier to program from my snowkontrol, and I'm not ready to jump to a software controller yet or I'd be looking at the spot 150's or ADJ Xmove 25R's. At most I have $1600 for the movers so roughly $400 a fixture.

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    The Colorband Pix outputs 1950 lux and two meters whereas the Intimidator Scan 200 offers 1542 lux at two meters.

    The spec sheet doesn't say but I suspect the Colorband's measurement is at full RGB output and the Scan's is probably white. 

    I think you should either save a bit more or start with a pair of the Intimidator Scan 300's.



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      I have the Scan 300s and wouldn't really want to go any dimmer. Mine compete with Puck Q12+ fixtures, and those have to be throttled back for some combinations. The red filter in particular is dimmer than I would like.

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